I've been toying with the idea to sell some knitwear on etsy but they would have to be:

-my own designs
-quick knits

In order for it to be legal and worthwhile... no one would pay the money necessary for it to be worth my while to make a 4-ply fairisle thing.

Things like this, spied at Anthropologie, would be worth my while, though:
They're selling it for $43 CAD, and I read somewhere that you should charge 3 times the cost of the yarn for a handknit, so that would mean I had a...$14.33 yarn budget.... somewhat realistic, I suppose.

I recently designed and knit a beret for a good friend... It was a mix of cables and moss-stitch knit out of Blue Sky suri merino... a dream to knit with... but maybe some slightly less expensive, equally or more chunky yarn... still soft... the wheels are turning.

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