This trestle from IKEA is beautiful to me. Eiffel-esque. If I ever have money and space, maybe I could also choose a table-top for it...

I'm thinkin' it would be impossible to be in a bad mood when wearing this circle skirt from Etsy seller sohomode.

With something slightly boyish on top, like this henley:

I just got paid, but I still shouldn't...

Some of the things I love:

Musicals (better with dancing), Audrey Hepburn, Paris. Ah, Funny Face. This is my favorite number, although the one where Audrey does the rad dance in the bar is pretty fab too...

...fancy dudes on fancy bikes? I would give the tip of my pinky finger for one of these Dutch Work Cycles. The guy? Bah, probably more trouble than he's worth.

C/O NYTimes.

P.S. This is a joke, right?

I read this Refinery29 interview with Garance Dore this morning just before getting dressed for the day. So instead of wearing cords, sneakers a cami and a cardigan, I'm wearing HEELS, a skirt I dragged out of the auxiliary closet, cami, cardigan and, of course, a scarf.

Also, I didn't brush my hair. When Pip and I were in Paris a few years ago I noticed that women had that perfectly messy hair. I dont' actually know how they do it so I mistakenly just don't brush my hair and then catch my image in the mirror later in the day and realise that I look frightful. Hrm... where's my brush?

Photos by Scott Schumann, via Refinery29.

Right now I'm working on something that may or may not be practical - a short-sleeved cotton cardigan. I'm using Anna Bell's Cherry Pattern:

I made Blustery from Anna's pattern a year or so ago and I find her patterns really thorough and the designs simple and wearable. I'm making it out of a mysterious organic cotton I got at Yuzawaya when I was in Tokyo for M&M's wedding last May.

I'm picturing it with the Joe grey skirt with white polka dots I got last spring and the Fluevog shoes I got last summer. A couple of knits, a couple of purls, and bingo bango - new outfit!

I'm working on the sleeves now, so I still have the painful finishing ahead of me, but I should have it done to wear to my bridal shower on May 24th...

One of these days i will get to work on knitting up all these cool knitted accessories i've been meaning to tackle. In the meantime, I'll add another to the list...

This sweet i-cord idea from etsy seller adventuresofjr is one of those "why the heck didn't i think of that a bazillion years ago" type of things that would be so simple to zip up and wear long or short with any old thing. The perfect yarn, although I've never used it before, is Berocco's Mica - this shade is called Mushroom and is perfect for me, although a deep bronze would be delicious also. Maybe I can zip one up this weekend as Pip and I have a little bus trip to take...

Love this photo from Grass Doe - my fave photo site.  Gorgeous photo and I'm sure it's not intended to be a fashion inspiration a la Garance Dore or Sartorialist, but I love it. 

Can I tell you how many times I've left the house with a kerchief tied jauntily at my neck and then . I always end up feeling silly and taking it off when I get to my destination. Maybe the key is to keep it simple, like the plain white one here, and add something kind of bohemian like the turquoise and silver necklace. Fine cotton knit kerchief? Hmm?

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