I could go on all day with the yarn.

I'm about 30% done a Noro Silk Garden. I'm a little nervous about how the striping will work out with the modular-ness, but I have faith in the Noro and the Zimmerman.

Poor Pip's poor Christmas sweater hasn't gotten much action. In late November I predict a flurry of activity as the Christmas knitting adrenaline kicks in.

You're Prufrock and Other Observations!

by T.S. Eliot

Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poetic
and lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people trying
to impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you've really
heard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life with coffee spoons.

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at the Blue Pyramid.

I love, love, love, the poem, but how depressing to be it.

I may have bought more yarn yesterday. I justify it by saying that it will be another Christmas present, but I really want the hat it will become. So much that it might determine the winter coat I buy for this year. Koigu, sweet Koigu.

une abeille dans la lavande

Also yesterday, I picked up my first roll of film in two years. I was very happy with how the pictures looked compared to those I've taken digitally. I may go back...

'til Christmas.

I've started my Christmas knitting, ladies and gentlemen. Pip's getting a sweater, someone's getting a scarf and someone's getting a hat. The hat may be for me...

The sleeve to the left is part of Pip's sweater. It's impossible to make a surprise sweater for a man you live with so I'm not even trying. This is the saddle-shouldered aran cardigan - my first Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater. The yarn is Classic Elite Skye Tweed and I am just.loving.it. The colours in the tweedy goodness are really interesting, and the cable pattern is like crack. For great pics of a finished object see my knitting hero brooklyntweed. This sweater is also fueling an audio-book obsession as I can't not multi-task. I've gone through two mysteries, and now I'm listening to Soon I will be Invincible... recommended by Mr. Pip and, ironically, a page-turner.

At the current rate, and especially as I will be on holidays soon (at the end of the week!!!), I estimate that I'll finish up in a month and a half. I will certainly not be putting this in the dryer. Can you imagine???

ma soeur

So I washed the sweater. And I mostly dried the sweater. And then it was chilly, so I wanted to wear the sweater right then. So I put it in the dryer... supposedly for 10 minutes... and then I started watching Curb your Enthusiasm. It was hilarious. And then an hour and a half later, I have a child's sweater!

It's a really good thing that I made this mistake myself, and that it was such a simply and quickly made garment. I will never, never, NEVER put a sweater in the drier again. Bad, bad idea.

Starting over, refreshing, renewing. Good Septemberish things.

I'm switching blogs... to one I started and promptly dropped a couple of years ago. Now, rather than simply waxing indulgent about my life, I'm going to frame my waxing within my addiction of choice, knitting.

For instance, the sweater to the side is one I knit and pretty much finished over the summer. It's a knitting pure and simple design, knit in a 100% wool yarn from fleece artist that doesn't seem to be available any more. This is a simple, serviceable sweater. The colour is greeeat... the red-brown that I'm addicted to right now, and I know it will bloom beautifully when washed but it's been sitting folded on the back of various chairs for two months now and is still unwashed. I was seduced by sexy new projects... with intricate cables, with so so soft handpainted merino, in mindblowingly multicoloured tweeds...

This sweater is the "good guy" knit, tragically taken for granted and ignored in favour of the naughty, unnecessary knits. But when fall comes in earnest, and i want a cozy sweater to wear with jeans on the weekend I will be sorry... hmmm... maybe I'd better go wash it.

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