By the fall I'm kind of a tired gardener.  I haven't managed to plant any bulbs since we've moved into our coach house and I've rationalized it by saying that I'm not going to invest in anything not easily dug up in the rented garden.

However, if I manage to get some in this year the front runners are..

alliums. Look how gorgeous they are, peeking up from the hostas. Wow. We have tons of hostas. We could have tons of alliums. Gorgeous.

and frittilaria. These seem like such moody and mysterious flower. Picture them early on a misty spring morning. Very atmospheric.

If I could put my good intentions in an envelope and reopen it in September/October I so would. And benefit from my work next spring.

Oops! All photos from A Way to Garden.  I'm loving this blog. Really fun writing and great photos!


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